Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Semi Annual Blowout Sale- Bath & Body Works

It's that fantastic time of the year again!  Bath and Body Works is having their second semi annual blowout sale!  Now is your chance to get floral, beachy, fruity, and sensual fragrances lotions, creams, and body sprays.  Most items are heavily on clearance for 50-75% off retail.  I especially love the aromatherapy line of body lotions.  Stop by your local Bath and Body Works store and check out the sale online.  Either way, you will be glad you did.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Beauty Trove's Top 5 Favorites for May 2017

Happy start of summer everyone!  I love the summer months for nice, pretty and colorful makeup.  I've been trying out a lot of new cosmetics and skincare items lately and have a great set of must haves.  If you are interested in knowing what I have been loving in May, keep reading...

1.  Butter London + Pantone Color of the Year Eyeshadow Palette ($29.00).  Let me just say you need this palette in your life.  I absolutely love new pantone color of the year--greenery.  Greenery is this fun green color somewhere between a sage and lime hue.  It is a really fun pop of color to punch up your makeup routine.  The palette comes with 7 other lovely lilac, plum, rose fold and grey shades.  There is a little kickback with the shadows but the color payoff is totally worth it.  If you are ever at Ulta, take a look at this palette.  I know I will be wearing mine all this summer.
2.  Nyx Cosmetics Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Snow Rose ($8.00).  If you wanted to try the duo chrome highlighter trend than look no further.  The Nyx duo chrome highlighter in snow rose has been my go to highlighter for May.  Snow rose is absolutely stunning!  It is a nice icy highlighter that shifts to pink and lilac.  If you pair this with the Butter London palette or the Nyx palette that I am going to mention soon, you will have a gorgeous and very sophisticated look.  The highlight is very pigmented so if you want something a little more subtle, you will have to use a light hand.  For $8, this is really worth every penny. 

3.  Nyx Cosmetics Ultimate Shadow Palette in Cool Neutrals ($18.00).   I honestly was on the fence about purchasing this palette.  I picked it up as part of the Ulta BOGO 50% off sale.  I am really glad I did.  I don't typically go for cool colors but I have been wearing all the colors in the palette none stop this May.  I especially love the second row paired with the dark plum color in the corner.  There is a nice mix of shimmers and mattes.  I am in love with the lilacs shades and you can see how this palette pairs nicely with the snow rose highlighter.  It is more on the expensive side of Nyx Cosmetics so I would purchase this when there is a BOGO 50% off sale at Ulta.  Pick up the warm neutrals palette as well during the sale.  

4.  It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream ($48.00).  I've been trying the bye bye under eye cream out for the last 8 months out.  Yes, the eye cream has lasted this long!  I just recently ran out but purchased another container.  It is one of the most hydrating and cooling under eye creams I have ever tried out.  Bye bye under eye cream just feels really good after a long day.  I've also noticed that when I have used it for a couple of weeks, my eyes don't look as tired.  I know this is on the expensive side so I would wait for It Cosmetics to have a 25% off sale.  Really worth your money. 

5.  Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara ($4.99).  A friend of mine told me that she never buys prestige brand mascara.  Now I know why!  The drug store has some amazing formulas of mascara.  I started using Essence's Lash Princess in May, and I am hooked!  It reminds me a lot of It Cosmetics Super Hero mascara.  When I am in a rush, I don't even bother using an eyelash curler...I just give my eyelashes 2 coats of this mascara and I have voluminous, doll-like lashes.  Ulta is having a BOGO 50% sale on Essence.  This is a great time to try out some products by Essence.  

That wraps up my favorites for the month of May.  Let me know what you have been loving in May or if you have tried any of the products I just mentioned by commenting below.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Calling all Tartelettes, 15% off Sale!

Have a blast this summer with Tarte's 15% off sale.  Now is the time to splurge and pick up the Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette (orig. $53) on sale for $45.05.  Use promo code WEEKEND at checkout.  Sale ends tonight.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Celebrate Memorial Day at Beauty Bakerie!

It's the sale you have all been waiting for!!!  Beauty Bakerie is having an awesome sale.  Free worldwide shipping and 30% off!!!  The sale starts at 9 PM PST.  I know I will be stocking up on their famous lip whips.  The Sweet on You set is $36, on sale it is $25.20.  Great for gifts for friends and yourself!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

April 2017 Top 5 Favorites

Sorry I've been absent lately.  It has been a hectic time with some family health emergencies.  But I am happy to share the top 5 cosmetics I have been enjoying for the month of April.  If you want to know what I think have been great products this month, please keep reading!

1.  The Galaxy Chic Palette ($15.99).  So I confess that I have owned this palette for at least 5 months now but never really played around with it.  I know some beauty bloggers will have a monthly makeup drawer, which I think is a great idea to circulate some palettes that you haven't used in awhile.  Bottom line: I love this palette.  I feel that BHCosmetics is a brand that is certainly not talked about enough.  The packaging on the Galaxy Chic palette is okay.  It is a sturdy cardboard palette that does have a fairly decent mirror.  The palette comes with 18 beautiful baked eyeshadows.  I really like how the eyeshadows have a marbled look to them.  I will say that the palette is not a stand alone look and that you will need to borrow from other parts of your makeup collection for transition and brow bone shades.  But the eyeshadow colors are very pigmented and shimmery.  I especially like the Cosmic and Aphrodite shades for a fun purple and wine look.  I do have a tutorial on the Galaxy Chic palette to give you some ideas on how you can use this palette.  BHCosmetics usually has 20-25% off sales throughout the year so I would purchase this palette then.  Overall, I really enjoyed the Galaxy Chic palette.
2.  Bare It All 4-in-1 Skin-Perfecting Foundation ($39.00).  If you are wanting a full coverage foundation that doesn't dry out your skin, look no farther.  Pur Cosmetics' Bare It All 4-in-1 Skin-Perfecting Foundation is a creamy, full-coverage foundation.  It applies beautifully using the Real-Techniques miracle sponge of the EcoTools sponge, most likely it would work well with a Beauty Blender.  I was really impressed that just the smallest amount of this foundation covered up all redness and dark circles.  My skin looked absolutely flawless. The foundation has 1.5 ounces of product and comes in 10 colors.  I think as the popularity of this product grows that Pur will start to increase their color range.  I know this is somewhat pricey.  If you sign up for the Pur newsletter, they will let you know when they have different sales.  I picked up two in the shade Porcelain during their BOGO sale.
3.  Mary Kay Eye Color Palette in Sunlight ($24.00).  The Mary Kay Eye Color Palette in Sunlight is perfect for the spring and summer.  Just looking at the palette makes me happy.  The packaging is very compact and looks like a modern piece of art.  The Sunlight palette has 4 stunning bright shades that apply like butter.  You can get a number of fun looks with this palette.  My favorite way to wear this is by using the orange shade as the transition, the purple on my lid, the pink as my outer corner color, and the soft ivory color on my brow bone.  This is a limited edition palette so if you are considering getting this I would go and talk to your beauty consultant or purchase online.
4.  Versailles Lip Whip ($20.00).  Beauty Bakerie is a relatively new brand for me.  I've purchased three different lip whips from them but Versailles is my favorite.  I've paired this with the Mary Kay
Eye Palette and the Galaxy Chic Palette.  The lip whip is a moussey texture and dries down matte.  It is the perfect shade of cool mauve-pink.  Simply gorgeous!

5. Nyx Cosmetics Perfect Filter Shadow Palette in Rustic Antique ($20.00).  This Nyx palette in Rustic Antique is a warm toned eyeshadow lover's dream.  The palette comes with 10 sizeable, creamy, and highly pigmented shades in warm tones of brown, gold, pink and wine.  I bought this during the Ulta 20% off sale and am super glad I did.  The packaging is okay but the colors really put this palette as one of my top favorites.  I think this palette would be perfect for the Fall.  I am looking forward to using all the colors more often this year.  
So those are my top 5 favorites for the month of April?  What are your favorite cosmetics for the month of April?  Have you tried any of the products I've listed?  Let me know and comment below!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

$15 Lip Whips at Beauty Bakerie!

Happy Easter Darlings!  Time to celebrate with this fantastic deal at Beauty Bakerie.  Get the amazing, pigmented, comfortable, and smooth lip whips for $15 each (reg. $20) until today at 9 PST. I especially love Versailles (featured below), Ginger Snap, and  Sakura.  Get yours while there is still time on the clock!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Palette Tutorial- Star Child Eye Look

This week I decided to revisit some of my eye shadow palettes that have not received enough attention.  I came across my BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette that I purchased on sale back in December.  I forgot how truly awesome these eye shadows are.  The Palette comes in a compact case and a decent sized mirror.  The palette has 18 luxurious baked eye shadows that range from gorgeous neutrals to stunning pops of colors.  I like to use my MAC fix plus to amp up the pigmentation with the more colorful shades.  All of the eye shadows are pretty metallic and some have flecks of glitter, which I think are pretty.  If you purchase this palette, you will need to use some other eye shadows in your collection to create a completed look.  I use some of my matte eye shadows and lighter shades.  But this is a really great palette to get a number of fun looks.  The Galaxy Chic palette is currently out of stock on the BH Cosmetics website but you can have the company e-mail you when they restock.  Also, BH Comsetics has a number of sales every other week so the already very affordable price of $15.99 can be even lower. This is a fantastic and high quality palette.  I created a stunning eye shadow look with this palette.  If you want to recreate the look, just keep reading!

1.  Prime your eye.  Gently smooth your favorite eye primer on your eyelid to your brow bone.  I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Eden.

2.  Apply an eye shadow base to your entire eyelid.  Using a flat eye shadow brush, take a neutral eye shadow and apply it on your eyelid to your brow bone.  I like Urban Decay's Eye Shadow in Foxy.

3.  Apply Prometheus as your transition shade.  Take a clean blending brush and gently swipe in Prometheus.  Lightly apply Prometheus into your crease using a windshield wiper motion.

4.  Blend Aphrodite into your outer corner.  Using a pointed crease brush, dip into Aphrodite.  Be sure to tap off any excess eye shadow.  Apply Aprodite by gently pressing brush into the outer V of your eyelid in a small circular motion.  Take a clean blending brush and blend the upper portion of Aphrodite into your crease.

5.  Make your eyelids pop with Cosmic.  Dip an oval eye shadow brush in Cosmic.  Spray the eye shadow brush with Mac Fix Plus (or water) and gently press onto eyelid.

6.  Line your bottom lash line.  Take Prometheus with a smudge brush and line the bottom lash line.  Follow this by taking Aphrodite on a clean smudge brush and apply and blend on to the outer one-third bottom lash line.

7.  Define eyes.  Using a deep brown eyeliner, rim your bottom and upper lash line.  I like Mary
Kay's Deep Brown Eyeliner.

8.  Amp up the look with mascara.  Apply 2 coats of mascara with your favorite black mascara.  For this look, I used Tarte's ManEater Voluptuous mascara (upper lash) and Clique's Bottom lash mascara (lower lash).

There you have it my Star Child Eye Look!  Go out and shine lovelies!

Did you like this eye look?  Let me know and comment below!