Sunday, April 16, 2017

$15 Lip Whips at Beauty Bakerie!

Happy Easter Darlings!  Time to celebrate with this fantastic deal at Beauty Bakerie.  Get the amazing, pigmented, comfortable, and smooth lip whips for $15 each (reg. $20) until today at 9 PST. I especially love Versailles (featured below), Ginger Snap, and  Sakura.  Get yours while there is still time on the clock!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Palette Tutorial- Star Child Eye Look

This week I decided to revisit some of my eye shadow palettes that have not received enough attention.  I came across my BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette that I purchased on sale back in December.  I forgot how truly awesome these eye shadows are.  The Palette comes in a compact case and a decent sized mirror.  The palette has 18 luxurious baked eye shadows that range from gorgeous neutrals to stunning pops of colors.  I like to use my MAC fix plus to amp up the pigmentation with the more colorful shades.  All of the eye shadows are pretty metallic and some have flecks of glitter, which I think are pretty.  If you purchase this palette, you will need to use some other eye shadows in your collection to create a completed look.  I use some of my matte eye shadows and lighter shades.  But this is a really great palette to get a number of fun looks.  The Galaxy Chic palette is currently out of stock on the BH Cosmetics website but you can have the company e-mail you when they restock.  Also, BH Comsetics has a number of sales every other week so the already very affordable price of $15.99 can be even lower. This is a fantastic and high quality palette.  I created a stunning eye shadow look with this palette.  If you want to recreate the look, just keep reading!

1.  Prime your eye.  Gently smooth your favorite eye primer on your eyelid to your brow bone.  I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Eden.

2.  Apply an eye shadow base to your entire eyelid.  Using a flat eye shadow brush, take a neutral eye shadow and apply it on your eyelid to your brow bone.  I like Urban Decay's Eye Shadow in Foxy.

3.  Apply Prometheus as your transition shade.  Take a clean blending brush and gently swipe in Prometheus.  Lightly apply Prometheus into your crease using a windshield wiper motion.

4.  Blend Aphrodite into your outer corner.  Using a pointed crease brush, dip into Aphrodite.  Be sure to tap off any excess eye shadow.  Apply Aprodite by gently pressing brush into the outer V of your eyelid in a small circular motion.  Take a clean blending brush and blend the upper portion of Aphrodite into your crease.

5.  Make your eyelids pop with Cosmic.  Dip an oval eye shadow brush in Cosmic.  Spray the eye shadow brush with Mac Fix Plus (or water) and gently press onto eyelid.

6.  Line your bottom lash line.  Take Prometheus with a smudge brush and line the bottom lash line.  Follow this by taking Aphrodite on a clean smudge brush and apply and blend on to the outer one-third bottom lash line.

7.  Define eyes.  Using a deep brown eyeliner, rim your bottom and upper lash line.  I like Mary
Kay's Deep Brown Eyeliner.

8.  Amp up the look with mascara.  Apply 2 coats of mascara with your favorite black mascara.  For this look, I used Tarte's ManEater Voluptuous mascara (upper lash) and Clique's Bottom lash mascara (lower lash).

There you have it my Star Child Eye Look!  Go out and shine lovelies!

Did you like this eye look?  Let me know and comment below!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Take an Extra 20% off of Stila Sale

Stila is having a sale on their sale!  Check out their sale items and take an extra 20% off when you use the promo code SALE20 at checkout.  I like the Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Palette in Sunrise Splendor ($20; orig. $30).  Sale ends today!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Beauty Trove Review: Soap & Glory Orangeasm

Hi Beautiful!  These past two weeks I have been using the Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Butter.  I am a fan of Soap & Glory's The Righteous Butter and decided it try it out based on a monthly favorites vlog by Shaanxo.  The description on the website says that the new zesty formula is scented with green mandarins, Sicilian lemons and sweet orange peel oils.  The body butter is intensely moisturizing and invigorating.  The product is sold in a large red-orange container and includes 10.1 oz of body butter.  It retails at Ulta for $15.00.  My overall review is that I really love this product.  The container is solid and has a cute label on the front, which I appreciate.  Once you screw off the lid, you can smell the citrus laden scent.  It does smell like fresh oranges, which I really like.  If you are not a fan of citrus, oranges and lemons, you should not buy this.  It is an orange colored cream with darker orange beads inside (shea message butter balls).  I like using this in the morning, especially after a shower.  You just need to message a small quarter size amount into slightly damp skin.  It is super moisturizing and it works lovely on dry patches.  I also like it because it is a refreshing scent to get you started in the morning.  Ulta is having their 21 days of beauty so if you purchase the Orangeasm body butter, you can get a second one for 40% off.  There are other items in the Orangeasm scent, such as body wash, exfoliating body polish, and body spray.  I am planning on purchasing the exfoliating body polish and body spray.  Let me know if you tried this product and what you thought of it by commenting below!