Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017 Top 5 Favorites

It's the last day of March.  You know what that means?  Top 5 monthly favorites!!!

1.  Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette ($15.00).  I am so glad I purchased this palette!  I've used it pretty much everyday this March.  It has quality eye shadows at a super affordable price.  The palette comes with 16 buttery and highly pigmented eye shadows.  There is a nice mix of highlighters (for your brow bone), transition shades, shimmer shades, and darker shades for the outer v or eyeliner.  One of the reasons that I have been continuously going for this palette is that it is a stand alone palette, meaning you don't have to go searching for other eye shadows to complete your look.  Also, this is a great palette that transitions from day to night easily.  The palette itself is very aesthetically pleasing.  It is in a very cute yellow case that looks like a chocolate bar that is slightly melting.  If you like to display your makeup on a vanity, this would be a great palette to select.  I don't really care for the sponge brush that is inside the palette.  I use my Real techniques brush with the eye shadows.  The color payoff is fantastic.  I highly recommend this product.  You won't be disappointed if you get one for yourself or for a friend.
2.  Maybelline New York Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation ($12.98).  I usually don't go for drug-store foundations and stick to companies like Too Faced and Pur Cosmetics.  I made an exception for this because I heard a lot of great reviews and I was intrigued by a cushion formula.  Glad I took a chance on this.  This is a great foundation if you want a medium coverage look.  It is very easy to use, applies nicely, and covers blemishes easily.  There is a price range with this depending upon where you get it.  I think Walmart has one of the cheaper price tags.  The color range is a little limited but it might be that Maybelline is testing to see how well consumers like it before expanding to other shades.  I like to use this as an every day makeup look and save my more expensive foundations for special events or job interviews.

3.  Maybelline Color Sensational Inti-Matte Nudes Lipcolor in Almond Rose ($5.59).  Maybelline has been on a role!  Almond Rose is such a beautiful shade of nude-pink.  It pairs nicely with any eye shadow look.  I've worn this lipstick pretty much everyday this month with the Naked Chocolate palette above.  It wears nicely throughout the day and requires minimal touch up.  It also is very comfortable and is not drying to the lips.  I recently purchased other shades in the line, Beige babe and purely nude, and can't wait to try them out.

4.  Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia ($18.00).  I've been setting my face makeup with Mary Kay's finishing spray.  The setting spray is by Skindinavia, which is a well known for its bridal finishing spray.  The spray dries down quickly and keeps my makeup in place.  It also works well as a refresher throughout the day (16 hours).  
5.  Make Up For Ever Pro Light Fusion Highlighter in Color 1 ($39.00).  One of my favorite cosmetics is highlighters.  And I do love me some glow!  The new MUF highlighters definitely deliver on some high impact glow. I've only tried the color 1 since it is meant for light to medium tones.  This is a gorgeous pink and slightly golden highlighter.  You can build the highlight up if you want to take a 20 watt to a 1,000 watt glow.  This is a great highlighter for work, if you apply it with a subtle hand.  It is expensive.  But if you are going to mainly be using one highlighter, the MUF  color 1 is worth the investment.  The packaging is very durable and the highlighter comes with a nice attached mirror.

This wraps up Beauty Trove's Top 5 for the month of March.  Have you tried any of these products out?  What were your top 5 for March?  Comment below!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Laura Geller Baked Blushes on Sale at 50% off

Ulta continues to awe with their amazing beauty steal sales.  Beauty Trove is especially in love with the 50% off sale on Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten compacts.  The Blush-n-Brighten cosmetics typically cost $28 but is on sale today for $14.  There is a limit of 2 per customers.  If you don't own these already, I would select the Peach Delight and Tropic Hues blushes as they will be perfect for spring and summer.  Hurry and pick up your blush-n-brighten compacts as they are sure to sell out fast!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Medusa's Makeup March 2017 Unbagging

Medusa's Makeup, an independent vegan beauty line, offers a monthly subscription for $15.00.  This month subscribers received four cosmetic pieces.  My overall enthusiasm for March's unbagging is about a 6 (on a scale of 10, 10 being woo-hoo that is awesome).  This is mainly due to the lipstick shade, which I don't think would be super flattering for me.  It is a hue that I just would never purchase for myself so I think I will be passing along the lipstick to someone else who would love it.  The beauty bag is valued at $39, which is a decent return given that the last few months haven't been all the impressive.

The first item in the bag is the bright lipstick in Lydia.  Lydia is a lavender shade that applies semi matte. It is valued at $12.  I have a picture below that displays swatches of Lydia, the lip paint, and the eye dust.

The next item is the stick it eye primer ($8.00).  I am interesting in trying this out.  The primers I usually use are silicone based so I am excited to use a natural wax product and see how it performs with my eyes shadows.

The other lip product that was included is one of the new lip paints.  The lip paint color is in the Get Lucky shade ($12.00), a shocking hot pink.  It dries down matte after a minute or so.  It is a pretty color and I think I would wear this out on a weekend or at night.  It feels a little tacky but it is comfortable on the lips.  I do like the lip paints, hopefully next month includes another lip paint.  I would be excited to get the shades Hanky Panky, Shag, or Cowgirl.

The last item in the bag is an eye dust in Wasabe ($7.00).  Wasabe is a gorgeous emerald green with flecks of green and gold glitter.  I really love this shade,  I wore this on St. Patrick's Day.  I think their eye dust products are some of the best items you can get at Medusa's Makeup.

So that's it for this month.  We will see if next month's Medusa's Makeup unbagging can top this one.

Friday, March 24, 2017

3 Day Sale at Sally's Beauty-20% off Entire Purchase!

Happy Friday Everyone!  I'm ready to celebrate and so is Sally's Beauty.  Sally's Beauty is listing a 20% off sale on your entire purchase for 3 days, this Friday through Sunday (3/24-3/26).  This is a great chance to stock up on your hair care supplies, skin care, and makeup.  Sally's is home to the Ion brand and I especially love their deep conditioner.  Also, they stock Palladio makeup.  I am planning on purchasing some Palladio supplies to test out for a new review.  Click on this link to check out Palladio products (picture below of eye shadow).  Purchases over $35 ship free.  You can also get their Beauty Member card for $5 for extra savings.  For the 20% off deal use CODE 888463 at checkout.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Major Sale: 50% off Too Faced Love Flush Blushes!

It's that time of year again...Ulta's 21 days of beauty!!!  I have been waiting for this since January!  Today's day of beauty is major!  For today only, Too Faced Love Flush Blushes are 50% off (orig. $26, now $13).  The limit per customer is 2.  I bought shades I will always love you and baby love.  There are four additional lovely shades in nude pink, pink, and berry.  Get these while supplies last!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Preview Tarte's Make Believe in Yourself Collection!

This is the most I excited I've been all year for a product launch!  Tarte is previewing their #MakeBelieveinYourself collection.  Just when I thought I was curbing my spending, tarte completely  blows my mind.  I can't wait to open my wallet and get the unicorn brushes and eye shadow palette.  Everything will be all magic and rainbows, and I am loving it!  Check the below youtube video to get a glimpse of this rainbow bright collection!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Winter Empties 2017

Hi Everyone!  So supposedly we are entering Spring...although the view from place says otherwise.  Hopefully, all you folks out east are hunkered down for the winter storm.  I started saving some of the empty products that I finished this winter (probably starting in mid December) so that I could share which products I will be repurchasing and why (also why I won't be repurchasing some products).  Just as a disclaimer some of the products that I won't buy again just didn't work for me.  You may have found that these items work well for you.  And with that, let's get started!

Bath & Personal Hygiene Products.  I only have three items since I started saving my empty bottles.  There are 2 body washes and 1 deodorant.

  • Secret deodorant pH balanced in shower fresh ($2.47)- It's deodorant.  It did what it was supposed to do.  I did repurchase another secret deodorant.  
  • Softsoap body wash Fresh and Glow Milk Protein and Almond ($2.97)- This is a nice moisturizing body wash.  I usually alternate between using this and an exfoliating body wash.  The fresh and glow body wash smells really nice but it is not overpowering.  I did repurchase this item.
  • Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash ($3.97)- I actually started using this body wash due to Dani's (from Coffee Break with Dani) recommendation.  I did really love this product.  Caress' Evenly Gorgeous smelled fantastic, lathered nicely, and had amazing exfoilating power without feeling that you were ripping your skin off.  However, the product went through package reformatting.  I don't really care for that.  I used to be able to turn the bottle upside down to make sure I got every last bit of product out (or most of it).  I can't do
    that with the new bottle.  Also, I've noticed that the formula isn't the same. Although the company says that they have not reformulated the body wash, it really looks different and doesn't preform as well.  I've attached a photo below of the new and old body washes.  The new one is located on the left and the old one is located on the right.  The old body wash looks thicker, at least to me.  I did repurchase 2 bottles of the new packaging, but I won't re-buy after I use the two bottles up.  I am looking around to see if I can find a price comparable exfoilating wash that performs like the old version of evenly gorgeous.  If you have any that you like to use, please comment on this post.  
Face Cleansers, Serums, Lotions, and Makeup Removers.
I have used up 2 cleansers, 2 serums, 1 face lotion, and 2 makeup removers.

  • Mary Kay Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover ($15.00).  This is my ride or die eye makeup remover.  I love this product!  It is one of the few eye makeup removers that does not burn my eyes like the heat of 1,000 suns.  It removes all of my eye make up and waterproof mascara.  I have repurchased this item.  Really worth every penny.
  • Mary Kay TimeWise Day Solution Sun Screen Broad Spectrum ($32.00).  This is a nice facial sun screen.  Do you need to absolutely purchase a face sun screen from Mary Kay? No, but I would recommend you buy something that works for you and your budget.  Even in the winter, you should be wearing sun screen.  I like this one because it works for me and doesn't cause me to break out.  I have since repurchased from my Mary Kay independent beauty consultant.
  • Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser ($20.00).  This is another ride or die for me.  I use this as a daily cleanser (I toggle between the cleanser for dry skin and the one for oily/combination).  It really doesn't have much of a fragrance but it acts as a cleanser, toner, and exfoilator.  Really nice cleanser and you don't need to use a lot of it.  It lasts up to 3 months.  I've repurchased this  item.  
  • Mary Kay Timewise Age-fighting Moisturizer ($24.00).  This is a nice moisturizer for anti-aging.  I think everyone should start using an anti-aging moisturizing starting in their mid-20s.  I like to use this one at night.  I typically use a heavier cream in the morning because I find it helps my makeup application.  I've repurchased this product.  
  • Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub ($15.00).  The Strawberry Face Scrub is the most delicious exfoliating scrub I have used.  It has strawberry seeds to act as a natural exfoiliant, which I love.  I use this product once a week at night in place of the Mary Kay 3-in-1 cleanser.  I will be repurchasing this product this week.
  • Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin ($5.99).  I liked this product.  It smells somewhat like witch hazel but it does get all of your makeup off without causing irritated skin.  It is somewhat pricey when you consider you are only getting 8 oz. of fluid.  I haven't repurchased this yet since I put the Garnier's micellar water.  If this does go on sale at Ulta, I would consider repurchasing. 
  • DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer Moisturizing Serum ($85.00).  This was a sample I received from Sephora.  I did like this product a lot, it smells great but I am not sure if it really did anything for my skin.  I don't have any dramatic pores or wrinkles..yet, so maybe it would work for me in the future.  But that price!  I think I will look for a cheaper serum to replace this one with.  
Sheet Masks.  I used a lot of these.  I typically use 1 a week.

  • Biobelle Sheet Masks ($4.99).  These are some of my favorite sheet masks.  I featured these on a haul and one of my top 5 monthly favorites.  Looks like the ones I used this winter are the decadence and beauty secret masks. The masks themselves apply smooth and they really do hydrate your face.  I have repurchased these masks.  I usually wait to get these when they are on sale at Ulta.  Ulta will have a BOGO or a buy one get one 50% off.  
  • Tony Moly Mekgeoli Skin Purifying Mask ($3.75).  This is a comfortable mask that provides hydration.  I would repurchase this mask.
  • Leaders 7 Wonders Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask ($6.00).  I recently started using this and the mask is quickly becoming my favorite.  The sheet mask is made from fermented coconut and applies like a second skin on your face.  I did notice that the mask brigtened and moisturized my face making it silky smooth.  I have repurchased this mask.  Again, wait until there is a sale for these at Ulta since they are a little more expensive.  I waited for a BOGO free sale.
  • Sephora Collection Lotus Sheet Mask ($6.00).    This smells fantastic and does an awesome job to moisturize your face.  These are somewhat pricey.  I usually use this mask once a month.  I would repurchase this item.  I've also heard good things about their rose mask. 
  • Say Yes to Coconut Sheet Mask ($2.52).  I picked this one up at a Wal-mart since I was trying out different sheet masks.  I really wished I would have stopped and looked at the reviews before purchasing this.  It is a paper mask, which is fine, but as soon as I put it on my face, it started burning like you wouldn't believe.  When I removed it, my face was extremely red and pretty angry at me.  The online reviews say the same thing.  I also purchased the charcoal mask say this burns as well.  I am not planning on using it, and I don't want to give it away in case someone else has the same reaction.  Looks like I will be trashing that one.  I would never repurchase this item.  I do like this brand, they have some nice face oils.  Hopefully, the Say yes to company will think about reformulating their sheet masks. 
Face Primers and CC Cream.  Three items fall in this category.
  • Mary Kay Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum 15 ($18.00).  This is a very creamy primer that minimizes pores and provides a smooth application.  It is non-greasy and works well with CC creams, BB creams, and medium coverage foundations.  I have repurchased this item.
  • Mary Kay CC Cream in Very Light ($20.00).  I use this CC cream and the one by It Cosmetics.  This has light to medium coverage and looks like natural skin.  I use this product for everyday makeup looks and when I need to get ready in a flash.  I've repurchased this item.  
  • Benefit Porefessional Primer ($31.00).  I really like this primer.  It is very smooth and does blur imperfections.  It is pretty expensive for a primer, although it does last a long time.  I would repurchase this item but I think I would only use it for special occasions.  
Face Powder and Bronzer.  I have 2 Mary Kay products listed here.
  • Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder ($16.00).  This is one of the finest powders I have come across.  I use this to set my under eyes, face and neck after concelear and foundation application.  It does a nice job in preventing the foundation from creasing and does not give you that "cake-like" appearance.  I have repurchased this item.
  • Mary Kay Bronzing Powder ($18.00).  This is one of the few bronzing powder that doesn't make my face look muddy or look that I have fake bronzer on.  It gives you a nice dewy appearance for a naturally glowy look.  I have received so many compliments about my complexion when I use this.  I have repurchased this item.  
Mascaras.  I have used 4 mascaras and 1 brow gel.
  • Mary Kay Brow Gel ($10.00).  This is the best brow gel that I have found.  It keeps my thick brows in place and doesn't give you any of that gel buildup.  I have bought this product again recently.  
  • Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara ($18.00).  I remember trying to get my hands on this for 2 months, but I completely understand the popularity of this item.  This mascara has a special wand that is used to lengthen, volumize, and curl your eyelashes.  If you get this, be sure to read the instructions as there are a couple of ways to use the wand for your upper and lower eyelashes.  My eyelashes are already pretty long but this made them absolutely pop.  I wouldn't wear this as an everyday mascara but for those special occasions this will be my go to.  I have repurchased this item. 
  • Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara ($11.50).  I use this product everyday to get my lower lashes.  The little wand is quite the helper!  It does a great job of defining and lengthening my bottom lashes.  It is pricey and I am seeing if there are other options to save a few bucks.  I have repurchased this mascara.  I think the next time I need this I will see if there is a 20% off sale at Sephora. 
  • Maybelline Volum' Express the Mascara, Waterproof ($6.99).  This is a great drug store option for an everyday mascara.  It provides just enough volume and covers all of my eyelashes.  I am waiting for a sale and to get some coupons to repurchase this.  
  • BH Cosmetics Bliss Lash Ultimate All-in one mascara ($6.00). I did not like this mascara.  It is simply too messy to use.  The formula clumps and it gets on the side of the tube.  I ended up with a flaky mess next to my vanity and at the end of the day it was all over my under eye area making me look like a panda.  I was really hoping to like this since I've had great experiences with other BH cosmetic items.  But this mascara just did not measure up.  I won't repurchase this.
Well that's it for my winter 2017 empties!  Let me know what your empties this winter were or if you have used any of these items.  Comment below!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Beauty Trove's Top 5 Picks for February 2017!

Just a few more months and we will be in Spring!  To celebrate the end of February, check out Beauty Trove's Top 5 Cosmetics I have been loving this month.

1.  Bath & Body Works Sleep Lavender Chamomile Cream ($15.00).  This B&BW cream was previously featured on an empties vlog by Coffee Break with Dani.  I purchased mine at the semi-annual sale and have been using it nonstop in February.  It is one of the more expensive items at B&BW but it is well worth the price.  Also, you can stock up on the cream and lotion line during one of their sales.  Just this past month the aromatherapy lines were on sale for 50% off.  I found the cream to be very hydrating and relaxing.  The best use for the cream is after a shower when you are getting ready for bed.  By doing this consistently after taking a shower at night, I associate the smell with sleep and it does relax me.

2.  Fiona Stiles Multidimensional Color Palette ($39).  This Ulta exclusive is extremely versatile, effortless, and gorgeous. The palette comes with 6 elegant shades of highlighters (2), universal bronzer (1), and blushes (3).   The universal bronzer may not be for darker skin tones.  However, the two highlighters are great for a natural lit from within look.  My favorite is the first highlighter in the palette.  All three blushes are fantastic.  The fist blush looks very intense, but with a light hand it applies sheer and provides just the right amount of color for a "I just came back from a brisk walk in the cold" look.  I really love combining the last two blush shades together.  Absolutely beautiful!
3.  Tarte ManEater Palette ($29).  If you have not purchased your ManEater Palette, do so now!  This is a limited edition palette and is now only available through the tarte website (was previously at Ulta).  This will be your everyday favorite palette.  The ManEater palette has a cute leopard print cover, sizable mirror, and 8 buttery eye shadows.  There is a large brow bone highlighter and 7 smaller pan, neutral eye shadows.  My favorite color hands down is saucy.  It is a great transition color, eyeliner, and crease color.  This palette works great for both day and night looks.  The ManEater palette along with the Fiona Stiles Multidimensional color palette has been my go to look for the past month.  Seriously, you won't regret buying this.

4.  Juvia's Place The Saharan Palette ($28).  Staying with the eye shadow theme...just look at these colors.  I love Juvia's Place eye shadow formula.  It is very creamy and blends well.  The colors are absolutely stunning.  My favorites in the palette are Woaddbe, Iman, and Jamila.  This palette launched in January but I have enjoyed wearing these colors on the weekends in February.  There is an option to bundle the palette with the Saharan gel eyeliners.  I haven't tried the gel eyeliners but they are all sold out, so I think that is saying something.  Before purchasing the Saharan Palette, do some online searches for a promo code.  There is usually one available to get 2-3 dollars off.
5.  Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Chihuahua ($21).  This is one of the new colors in the melted line.  It is a fantastic shade of neutral rose pink.  The melted formula is very hydrating and applies smooth.  I love this color.  It goes great with neutral and pops of color looks.  I've been wearing this with the ManEater palette, Fiona Stiles palette, and Saharan palette.  
That's a wrap for February 2017 favorites.  What were your favorites this month?  Have you tried any of these products and if so, what did you think of them?  Comment below!