Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall Trend Alert-Dusty Rose

This Fall's new and very romantic cosmetic look is Dusty Rose!  Dusty Rose is that perfect pop of cool toned colors in the sea of Fall's brown and yellow warm shades.  ColourPop has hit the nail on the head with their new cosmetic line featuring dusty rose.  We are absolutely loving ColourPop's Zingara eyeshadow collection ($18.00).  The Zingara collection has eyeshadows in paradox (a cool-toned burgundy red), Elixer (a mid-toned terracotta), Seeker (a warm redish matte brown), and Jinxie (a soft gold in a pearl finish).  Finish the Dusty Rose look with blush in Bardot ($8.00), a copper-gold blush, and the ultra-satin lip stain in Calypso ($6.00), a pinky nude.  Check out dusty rose shadows in Brady ($5.00), a mauve pink, and Muse ($5.00), a copper rose.    All Colourpop eyeshadows, pigments, and blushes are super creamy and blend easy.  Orders $50 ship for free!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pride + Prejudice + Zombies Tutorial- The Kitty

Welcome to our fourth makeup tutorial on the BH Cosmetics Pride + Prejudice + Zombies Eye and Cheek palette ($12.50)!  This tutorial features a Kitty Bennet inspired eye look.  The Kitty is a sweet, flirty and very feminine smoked out purple eye cosmetic.  As always, please refer to the below numbered palette for the correct eyeshadow color.  Let's get going!

1.  Prime your eyelids.  Use MAC's Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly ($22.00) and smooth on eyelids, crease, and brow bone.

2.  Apply highlighter shade.  Using a flat eyeshadow brush, apply eyeshadow color 7 to brow bone and crease.

3.  Create a transition color.  Swipe on eyeshadow color 10 into the crease and slightly above the
crease using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.  Smooth the color on by applying the shade using a windshield wiper motion.

4.  Pat on the eyelid color.  Using a medium eyeshadow brush, gently pat on eyeshadow color 8 over the entire eyelid.

5.  Define the crease and contour the eye.  Take eyeshadow color 9 and apply to the crease using a small eyeshadow smudge brush.  Use the same color to create a cut-crease by outline the outer V of the eye.  Lightly blend the eyshadows (crease, contour, and transition) using the fluffy brush.

6.  Smoke out the lower lash line.  Using the small smudge brush, smoke out the lower eyelash line with eyeshadow color 9.  Slightly lighten the color by applying eyeshadow color 8 on top.

7.  Define eyelash lines.  Take Smashbox's 3D Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner ($21.00) in Raven and line upper and lower lash lines.

8.  Curl eyelashes and apply mascara.  

9.  Finish the look.  Apply blush color 15 on the apples of cheeks using an angled blush brush.  Highlight the high points of your face (upper cheekbones, bridge of nose, forehead, chin, and cupid's bow) using color 13 and a kabuki brush.  Add a pop of color to your lips.  I like Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick in Sugar Daddy ($22.00).

You are ready to ROCK this look!  If you like this tutorial, be sure to check out our other looks inspired by the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies eye and cheek palette: The Jane, The Elizabeth, and The Mary.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Meet Matte Nude on Sale!

Get on trend this fall with matte eyeshadows.  The Balm has one of the best palettes for nude matte shades that flatter all skin types.  Overstock is selling The Balm's Meet Matte Nude Palette for $26.49 (orig. $42.00).  This beautiful palette has matte shades in grey, brown, rust, white, pink, tan, and plum.  Also, each shade has its own unique and very funny matt(e) name such as Matt Johnson.  Get an extra 12% if you are a fist time customer to Overstock or 11% for returning customers to be used site wide.  Just click on the RetailMeNot website to get the promo code.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Back in Stock-Juvia's Place The Nubian Eye Shadow Palette

Juvia's Place has restocked its Nubian Eye Shadow Palette (Green)!  This palette has been consistently selling out for the last three weeks, and within hours of being restocked.  The green palette was featured by NikkieTutorials in her August hits.  The palette is on sale for $23.50.  Get an extra 10% off when you use the promo code Nikkie.  Get your palette today before it is gone!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hot Deal on this Smokin' Eyeliner!

Ulta's 21 days of beauty has another winner!  Smashbox's Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner is on sale for $10 (orig. $21.00).  This is one of my favorite eyeliners.  The built in eyeliner sharpener guarantees that your eyeliner is always on point.  This is the best eyeliner for defining the waterline.  The sale has a maximum of 2 eyeliners per person.  Sale is for today only!

I would suggest getting the raven and Sumatra shades if you do not have staple black and brown eyeliners.  Other shades are storm (smokey grey), cabana (green), violetta (prune), penny lane (brown with shimmer), french navy (navy) and bare (nude).

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pucker Up with this Amazing Lipstick Deal!

CoastalScents has 66 ways to make you smile!  The 66 Lip Palette is on sale now at the CostalScents website for $7.67 (orig. $19.95).  These 66 lippies come in matte, shimmer, and glossy.  Mix colors to create your own unique shade.  Click here to get yours today!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pride + Prejudice + Zombies Tutorial- The Mary

This third tutorial for BH's Cosmetics Pride + Prejudice + Zombies ($12.50) is inspired by the third daughter of the Bennet Family, Mary.  The Mary is a soft, natural and sophisticated eye look. Let's get started (refer to the below pic for eyeshadow colors)!

1.  Prime eyelids and brow bone.  For this tutorial, I used Urban Decay's Original Primer Potion ($20.00).

2.  Apply highlighter shade.  Pat eyeshadow color 7 on brow bone and crease using a flat eyeshadow brush.

3.  Blend transition shade into crease.  Using a blending brush, apply eyeshadow color 4 into crease and lightly lift above the crease.

 4.  Define crease using the dark brown eyeshadow.  Take eyeshadow color 5 and apply to crease using a small smudge brush.  Take the blending brush and smooth out, 2 strokes using a windshield wiper motion.

5.  Apply a soft neutral color to the eyelid.  Tap and smooth on eyeshadow color 1 on eyelid using
the flat eyeshadow brush.

6.  Define the outer v using a surprise metallic brown.  Using a medium crease brush or angled eyeliner brush, apply eyeshadow color 6 to the outer V.  Gently blend eyeshadow using the blending brush.

7.  Line bottom eyelash line.  Smudge eyeshadow color 4 using the small crease brush.

8.  Gently tap on highlighter.  Tap highlighter (color 13) on the eyelid using the flat eyeshadow brush.

9.  Define eyes using a dark brown eyeliner.

10.  Swipe on mascara. Apply mascara to upper and lower eyelashes.

11.  Finish the look.  Using your blush brush, apply blush 14 to the hollows of cheeks.  Remove excess color, and use the brush to apply highlighter above the cheeks, the bridge or your nose, and the cupid's bow above your lips.  Put on a rich, neutral lip color.  I like CoverGirl's Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in Catour ($8.99).

If you like this tutorial, check out The Jane and The Elizabeth to be used with the Pride + Prejudice + Zombies palette.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pride + Prejudice + Zombies Tutorial- The Elizabeth

This is the second tutorial for BH's Cosmetics Pride + Prejudice + Zombies TM Eye and Cheek Palette ( $12.50).  To view the first tutorial, The Jane, click HERE.  This look is inspired by the movie's and Jane Austen's most famous heroine, Elizabeth Bennet.  The Elizabeth is a sultry, witty, and sophisticated look that emphasizes all eye colors  Let's get started (refer to the below pic for eyeshadow colors)!

1.  Prime your eyelids.  As in The Jane, smooth eye primer all over eyelids.

2.  Apply highlighter shade to brow bone down to crease.  Using a flat shader brush, gently pat on eyeshadow color 1.

3.  Blend transition shade into crease.  Using a fluffy blender brush, smooth eyeshadow color 4 into crease.  Lightly bring the color up slightly above the crease.

4.  Define crease using a dark shade.  Apply the dark brown color, eyeshadow color 5, into the crease using a small crease brush.  Use the fluffy blending brush to smooth out the color in a windshield wiper motion.

5.  Pat on silver chrome color on eyelid.  Take a medium shader brush and dip it into eyeshadow color 11.  Gently pat the color onto the entire eyelid.  If fallout happens, use a large powder brush to remove the eyeshadow off cheek and underneath the eye.

6.  Define lower eyelash line.  Apply eyeshadow color 4 and blend onto the the lower eyelash line.

7.  Rim upper and lower eyelash lines with eyeliner.  I like Smashbox's Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Sumatra.

8.  Finish the look.  Use the same mascara as in The Jane.  Apply blush number 15 on apples of cheeks.  Gently blend highlighter number 13 above blush, on the bridge of your nose, and the cupid's bow above your lips.  Apply a pink-nude lipstick.  I like Mary Kay's Gel Semi Matte lipstick in Bashful You.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Stila Sculpt and Shade only $20

Get chiseled looks with the Stila Sculpt and Shade Co tour Duo.  Ulta has the kit on sale for $20 (orig. $40).  Comes in light, medium, and dark shades.  The sale is for today only. Click here to get yours.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

BH Cosmetics Haul!!!

I had a massive BH Cosmetics haul for August.  Check out below to see what I bought:

1.  Wild and Alluring Baked Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette ($12.00)- This palette comes with 9 gorgeous marbled eyeshadows, 1 bright rose blush, and 1 gold highlighter.

2.  Vegan Blending Brush ($4.00)- This synthetic brush is very fluffy and soft.  I've been using it the last month to blend out my transition and crease colors.  Great price for this awesome brush.

3.  Bliss Lash-Ultimate All-in-One Mascara ($6.00)- This mascara is a nice, drug-store brand quality.  It is on par with the Rimmel line of mascaras.

4.  Pride + Prejudice + Zombies Eye and Cheek Palette ($12.50)- This palette is well worth the money.  It includes 12 highly pigmented and silky eyeshadows, two lovely pink blushes and 1 golden highlighter.  I've featured this palette as one of my top 5 picks in August and have a series of tutorials inspired by each of the Bennet sisters.

5.  Wild and Free Baked Eyeshadow Palette ($8.50)- This comes with 9 bright and fun eyeshadows that can be worn dry and wet.  I bought this for a family member so we will have to wait to see what her review is.

6.  Shaanxo Eyeshadow and Lipstick Palette ($14.50)- A versatile palette by youtube vlogger Shannon Harris has 9 warm eyeshadow tones and 9 pink, red, and wine colored lipsticks.

The total cost of the BH haul came to $57.50 and free shipping.  I used a promo code Good10 and received $4.30 off.  So the actual price came to $53.20.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Urban Decay Lip gloss Sale at Ulta

The first day of Ulta's 21 days of beauty steals is ushered in with Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss.  This line has 13 fabulous shades ranging from nude to gothic berry.  Originally $22, get yours for $11.  Sale is for today only! Click here.

Labor Day Sale at Ulta

Celebrate Labor Day with a 20%* off your entire purchase at Ulta!  I used my coupon to stock up on sheet masks by Biobelle and Tony Moly.  Use code 405959 at checkout.  Last day to use the code is 09/03/16.

*excludes prestige brand cosmetics, salons, styling tools and perfumes/colognes.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Get Your Best Nails with this Huge Sale

Ulta is having a blow out sale to celebrate their Nail Event.  It is buy two, get one free.  A mix and match event that includes over 18 brands (such as OPI, China Glaze, CND, Sally Hansen, etc.).  Sale goes until 9/3/2016.

Pride + Prejudice + Zombies Tutorial- The Jane

This is the first of five eye tutorials for BH's cosmetics Pride + Prejudice + Zombies Eye and Cheek Palette ($12.50).  This eye tutorial looks is inspired by the movie's and Jane Austen's character Jane Bennet.  The Jane is a sweet, unassuming, and very feminine look-just like Jane herself.  Let's get started (refer to the below pic for eyeshadow colors)!

1.  Prime your eyelids and brow bone- I like Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden ($20.00).  It applies as a nude, matte shade to give your eyeshadow crease-free staying power for 24 hours.

2.  Apply highlighter shade- Using a flat eyeshadow brush, gently tap eyeshadow 7 to brow bone down to crease.

3.  Blend transition color-  Lightly tap a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush into eyeshadow 4 and apply to crease.  Blend the color slightly above the crease line.

4.  Use dark brown shade as the crease color- Take a crease brush and dip into eyeshadow 5 and apply directly into crease.  Use the blending eyeshadow brush to smooth out any harsh lines.  Do not overly blend.

5.  Apply blush over eyelid- Wipe the crease brush clean and use it to apply the warm blush (color 15) all over the eyelid.

6.  Enhance eye color with gold- Using a flat eyeshadow brush, lightly apply eyeshadow 2 on eyelid.  Also, apply eyeshadow 2 in the corner of your eyes (use pinkie finger).

7.  Waterline and tightline eyes with black eyeliner- I like Smashbox's Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Raven ($21.00).

8.  Boost lashes with mascara- I use Maybelline's Volum' Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara ($6.99) for my upper lashes and Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara ($11.50) for lower lashes.

9.  Finish the look- Use blush in shade 14 on apples of cheeks.  And highligher in shade 13 above blush and the high points of your face.  A glossy lip color will tie the look together.  I like Mary Kay's Nourishine in Fancy Nancy ($15.00).

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Beauty Trove Top 5 Favorite List- August 2016

Ah, the end of summer.  Where did it all go?  That's right, lots of summer cosmetic hauls!  Here's my list of August favorites;

1.  Pride + Prejudice + Zombies(TM) Eye and Cheek Palette- Holy molly this palette is awesome!  This Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie inspired palette by BH Cosmetics has 12 gorgeous, highly pigmented eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, and two blushes.  The eyeshadows are super creamy and easy to blend.  The highligher is one of the best I have seen in a palette and the blushes work with every skin tone.  This was part of my BH haul this month and I bought two extras as back ups.  The lilac shade is extremely unique and can be worn in a smoky or sweet eyeshadow look.  I will be featuring a series of tutorials on this palette inspired by each of the Bennet sisters.  The palette is $12.50 and worth every penny!

2.  Exposed Highlighter- Tarte's Exposed Highlighter is amazing!  It is a great golden shade that is
highly pigmented.  It comes in a compact similar to Tarte's blushes.  The Exposed Highlighter is dynamite when paired with the nude Exposed Blush.  Buy the Tarte Exposed Highligher at Sephora to earn points, costs $28.00.

3.  Montagne Jeunesse Manuka Honey Peel Off- This mask is my jam!  Cleanse and apply this mask on your face and wait 15 minutes.  Peel off the mask to reveal the smoothest skin of your life.  The mask is a little messy to apply so tie your hair back.  It is so yummy smelling (please don't eat it).  Apply the mask in the morning right before you do your makeup routine.  Your foundation will be set to perfection.  This mask is sold at Ulta for $1.99.
4.  Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Set-  For those of us who want an inexpensive version of the Beauty Blender, this is it.  The sponges have a flat end to apply foundation to cheek, chin, and forehead surfaces.  It also has a soft, pointed end to apply foundation underneath eyes and in corners of the face.  Set of two sponges cost $10.99 at Ulta.
5.  e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator- Where have you been all my life?  This is a truly amazing product, which I featured in my August review.  Leaves lips feeling baby soft so that lipstick and lipgloss goes on smooth.  Lip exfoliator costs $3.00 and is available in clear, mint, and cherry.