Monday, August 29, 2016

What's Hot Now - The Masquerade Palette

The newest and hottest eyeshadow palette that is breaking Instagram and Snapchat is Juvia's Place limited edition The Masquerade Palette.  This palette is definitely not for the color shy.  Masquerade features 16 stunning eyeshadow shades.  The first half of Masquerade contains beautiful pops of color that are inspired by African festivities.  These colors are certainly joyful!  They include: Chi (Royal blue), Mali (Green), Dalia (Electric Blue-my favorite!), Zola (Sea blue), Makeda (Purple shimmer), Zobo (Maroon Matte), Calabar (Marron Shimmer), and Bori (Reddish pink matte infused with gold shimmer).  The second half of the palette features sophisticated neutrals that represent African soil environments.  These colors include: Giza (Champagne shimmer; I think you could use this as a face highlight as well), Burkina (Matte Brown), Cairo (Matte orange mixed with gold shimmer), Ada (Brick reddish brown), Dahila (Beige shimmer), Zulu (Dark orange matte), Casablanca (Gold shimmer), and Fulani (Darker brown, also an excellent shade for an eyeliner).  The Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place is on sale for $32.50 (orig. $39.99).  Take an extra $3.50 using the affiliated code (not mine) "WOC".

Take a closer look at this wonderful eyeshadows by watching this youtube video "Coffee Break with Dani."

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