Thursday, December 25, 2014

New Year's Eve Masquerade Parties

Some of the best New Year's Eve parties we have been to have been masquerade inspired.  Here are some fun ideas for masks.


For a sexy looking mask, visit the Chicago Costume Company.  We like the Gold Lace Mask (on left) for $12.99.  

Want more drama?  Get the Mireille Silver Mask (below).  This asymmetric mask costs $29.00.

Like the Venetian look?  Check out the Venetian Goddess Masquerade Mask (below) available on Etsy.  Mask costs $24.90.

If you desire something more unique, visit Masque Boutique and click on One of a Kind.  We love the Baroque Silver Swarovski 1 (below).  Mask costs 69.99 pounds or $108.89 in U.S. dollars.

Face Lace

Try a new take on the masquerade mask.  Fans of Beauty and the Beast will remember the the face lace worn by Kat at the masquerade party.  Nigel's Beauty Emporium offers a number of face lace options.  Our favorite is the Eye Lace Fleurity (on the right).  Fleurity costs $24.95.

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