Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shine for the New Year with these Baubles!

Danny Castellano said it best “[We] got a case of Mindy Fever and we all know there ain’t no cure for that!”  While a future treatment is not likely (who would want it?), we can all have a piece of The Mindy Project fashion within the week thanks to costume designer, Salvador Perez.   Exclusive to Baublebar, iconic jewelry featured on The Mindy Project (designed by Perez) can be purchased through the X BB Salvador Perez link.   Our favorites are the Rumba Gem Drops (both in clear and blue; $15.00/ea; originally $32/ea) and the Jewel Swing Drops ($32.00/each).  If you are a new customer to Baublebar, be sure to sign up for their newsletter and e-mail to receive 15% off of your first purchase.  A bit of Hollywood Glam without the Rodeo Drive prices that would even make Dr. Mindy Lahiri open her mail!

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