Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Product Review - Fresh Effects Dew Over

One product we never skimp on is face cream.  During the winter months, the harsh weather will dry your face and may even cause it to look cracked.  Cream helps to lock in the moisture and everyone should have a go to day and night cream.  Recently, we tried out Olay's fresh effects {Dew Over} as a day cream.  Opening up the jar, the green cream smells fantastic like a combination of your favorite soap and sweet cucumber.  The cream feels more like a gel but it goes on fairly smooth and is rapidly absorbed into the skin. Unlike heavier creams that should be used at night, this one is nice and light and does not have an oily film.  Great to wear in the morning under makeup or it can be used alongside a day serum. We've used this product for a month and noticed that our skin remained hydrated throughout the day.   Drugstore sells Olay's fresh effects {Dew Over}for $14.99 (currently on sale for $11.99) so the pricing is really good compared with other day creams.  Overall, we really liked this product and will continue using it throughout the winter months.  We give it a Beauty Trove rating of 5/5.

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