Thursday, October 20, 2016

Medusa's Makeup October 2016 Unboxing

This is my review on the Medusa's Makeup October 2016 subscription.  I started my subscription this month after running across a Facebook Ad that listed a subscription service for all vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics.  Medusa's Makeup monthly box subscription costs $15.95 per month and ships 3 days after your credit card has been charged.  Each box comes with 3-5 products that are valued at $40.  I also viewed some of the reviews on youtube and was really interested after seeing what products came in the August and September unboxing this year.

I received my October subscription at the time Medusa's said I would.  It came in a metallic purple bubble wrap package and a small postcard describing the product theme.  The postcard featured some really cool artwork.

The first item I took out was a pair of false eyelashes and eyelash glue.  The eyelashes were secured in a heart shape container.  The cost of this item is $8.00.

The second and third items I pulled out were packaged together.  They were Red Square lipstick ($12.00) and eye glitter in abracadabra (black; $7.00).  The Red Square lipstick is a cherry red that I don't typically wear.  However, the lipstick is creamy and glides on easy.  The eye glitter is fairly black and doesn't really shine until you place it directly under a light.

The last item The Fix glitter adhesive ($8.00).  The Fix is a bit waxy (I think it is made of bees wax) but it will hold the glitter in place.

The product value came to $35, $5 missing from the promised $40.  My overall take on this October unboxing is....meh.  I'm not sure if it is because I wouldn't have selected these products for myself or that my expectations were so high after watching the August and September unboxing youtube videos.  I will try out the products and see if I like them, even though they are things I don't typically use.  I will also give the subscription 2 more months before I determine if I should cancel it or not.  Here's hoping that the next unboxing will have the Sugar Daddy lipstick!

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