Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to Wear a Red Lip

Red lipstick is bold.  It's fun.  It's sexy.  But one wrong move and you could look like the Joker from Batman....yep, the Jack Nicholson Joker.  Here are the rules to play by:

1.  Make sure those teeth are nice, bright and white.

Nothing like red lipstick to bring out those coffee stains in your teeth, eh?  Before wearing a bold lip in red, whiten teeth two weeks before. Use at home whitening kits like Crest 3D Luxe White Strips Professional Effects (cost $39.99 for 20 strips) to achieve a photo ready smile.

2.  Polish lips. 

Get rid of flaky skin on lips using the Mary Kay Satin Lips Set (cost $18.00).

3.   Fill in fine lines around lips.

Red lips also highlight fine lines around the corners of your lips.  Fill in fine lines using a wrinkle filler such as Lancome's High Resolution Refill-3X (cost is $84 for 1.7 oz).  Free 2-day shipping included with this product.

4.  Line lips in lip pencil.

Red lipstick will bleed and feather past the lip line.  To prevent this, line lips in clear lip pencil and do
not go over the natural lip line.  Use clear lip liner, we like The Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner (cost is $10).

5.  Put on Red Lipstick...FINALLY!

Red lip color should match your natural skin tone.  Our favorites are:

Fair Skin: Urban Decay Cosmetics Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb (cost is $22).

Medium/Olive Skin: Revlon HD Lipstick in Poinsettia (cost is $9.99).

Dark Skin: Nars Lipstick in Red Lizard (cost is $26).

Red lipstick still too much?  Take baby steps by replacing one of the choices in step 5 with Revlon's Color Stay Just Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic (cost is $9.49).

6.  Have Fun!

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