Thursday, January 8, 2015

Minute Tip- Making the Most of a Fast Shower

Hit the snooze button too many times?  Just five more minutes of sleep?  We've all been there, one moment is 6:00 am and the next you need to be at work in an hour.  You can save some time by fast
tracking your shower routine.  Here are a few tips:

1.  Warm up the shower and begin multitasking.

Take the time to brush your teeth while the water is warming to the right temperature.  Once teeth are cleaned and rinsed, hop in.

2.  Before anything else, shampoo your hair.

Cleaning your hair will take the longest so get started on it first.  Suds up your follicles and rinse.

3.  Condition hair and multitask.

Message conditioner into hair.  While the conditioner is sitting for 1-5 min, wash and shave.

4.  Rinse and cleanse out. 

Rinse conditioner out.  Finally, wash your face.  This way your face won't clog up from the shower.

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