Sunday, January 25, 2015

Smart Travel #2

On our previous post we gave advice on how to select travel friendly makeup products that would get you through the security check-points faster.  Who wants to wait in line?  You could be sipping on a Mai Tai until boarding.  But what about perfume?  Bringing the entire bottle with you is too risky.  It may break when you carry on or in storage.  Here are a few ideas that will make travel easy.

1.  Solid Perfume

 Solid perfumes are nice for a couple of reasons.  The first being that you won't need to remove the perfume from your luggage for screening.  There is no chance that it will spill on your clothes or other items.  Also, they are not drying to the skin as they have zero alcohol.  To wear, simply press your finger into the solid and apply to your pulse points such as your wrists and neck.  For a more intense scent, apply a second layer.

We like the Rose et Reines Solid Perfume by L'Occitane cost $12 (0.35 oz). 
Bella Solid Perfume by The Soap and Paper Factory is another great option.  A mix of bergamont, grapefruit, and black pepper.  This citrus infused scent is available for $18 (0.5 oz). 

If you are looking for a more musky smelling scent, try Diptque's 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Solid Parfum for $50 (0.13 oz).

2.  Rollerball Perfumes

If you still prefer the liquid perfumes, we suggest bring on board a couple of rollerball perfumes.  Sephora has a wide range of perfumes that will capture your perfect signature scent.

We enjoy the Marc Jacobs Fragrance Daisy Rollerball Trio for $44.  This will give you multiple options on your trip.

Be sure to swing by Ulta.  We like the Coach Poppy Dual Rollerball.  Two great scents for $24.

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