Sunday, March 26, 2017

Medusa's Makeup March 2017 Unbagging

Medusa's Makeup, an independent vegan beauty line, offers a monthly subscription for $15.00.  This month subscribers received four cosmetic pieces.  My overall enthusiasm for March's unbagging is about a 6 (on a scale of 10, 10 being woo-hoo that is awesome).  This is mainly due to the lipstick shade, which I don't think would be super flattering for me.  It is a hue that I just would never purchase for myself so I think I will be passing along the lipstick to someone else who would love it.  The beauty bag is valued at $39, which is a decent return given that the last few months haven't been all the impressive.

The first item in the bag is the bright lipstick in Lydia.  Lydia is a lavender shade that applies semi matte. It is valued at $12.  I have a picture below that displays swatches of Lydia, the lip paint, and the eye dust.

The next item is the stick it eye primer ($8.00).  I am interesting in trying this out.  The primers I usually use are silicone based so I am excited to use a natural wax product and see how it performs with my eyes shadows.

The other lip product that was included is one of the new lip paints.  The lip paint color is in the Get Lucky shade ($12.00), a shocking hot pink.  It dries down matte after a minute or so.  It is a pretty color and I think I would wear this out on a weekend or at night.  It feels a little tacky but it is comfortable on the lips.  I do like the lip paints, hopefully next month includes another lip paint.  I would be excited to get the shades Hanky Panky, Shag, or Cowgirl.

The last item in the bag is an eye dust in Wasabe ($7.00).  Wasabe is a gorgeous emerald green with flecks of green and gold glitter.  I really love this shade,  I wore this on St. Patrick's Day.  I think their eye dust products are some of the best items you can get at Medusa's Makeup.

So that's it for this month.  We will see if next month's Medusa's Makeup unbagging can top this one.

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