Saturday, December 24, 2016

Get the Look- Silver Bell Eyes Holiday Eye Shadow Tutorial

This holiday season let your eyes take center stage with this beautiful and sophisticated silver eye look.  This tutorial features products by ColourPop Cosmetics (free domestic shipping on orders over $30), Smashbox Cosmetics (orders at Ulta are 20% off with promo code on site for today only), Urban Decay, Clinique, MAC Cosmeticsand Mary Kay Cosmetics.  This eye look is really easy to do but super glamorous.  Check out below if you want to try out our Silver Bell Holiday Eye Look:

1) Prime your entire eye with Mary Kay Cosmetics Eye Primer ($12).  Take a small dot of Mary Kay Eye Primer on your ring finger and gently smooth on to brow bone and eyelid.  Let the primer absorb on the eyelid for about 10 seconds until putting on eye shadow.

2) Using your ring finger apply ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Eye Shadow in Glitterati ($5).  Gently swirl your ring finger into Gliterrati.  ColourPop's Super Shock Eye Shadows are very soft so you must do this carefully as not to dent the shadow and take out too much.  Glitterati is a stunning shade of metallic silver with flecks of gold.  We are using the ring finger instead of an eye
shadow brush to create an intense eye color look.  Tap the eye color on your eyelid, into the crease, and slightly above the crease.  If you need it, go back into Glitterati and pick up more color.

3) Line lower eyelash in Glitterati.  Take a liner brush and dip into Glitterati and slowly apply along the lower eyelash.

4)  Highlight brow bone in Foxy Eye Shadow ($19) by Urban Decay.  Foxy is a great neutral shade to highlight your brow bone for a number of eye cosmetic looks.  Use a flat shader brush to apply an even layer of Foxy on the brow bone.

5) Define eyelash lines using SmashBox's Always Sharp WaterProof Kohl Eyeliner in Raven ($21).  This is one of my favorite eyeliners.  As the name implies, this liner is always sharp and always on the mark.  Great for lining your waterline.  Use Raven to line upper and lower eyelash lines.  You won't be disappointed.

6)  Apply 2 coats of mascara to upper and bottom eyelashes.  Amp up the volume with Mary Kay's Lash Intensity mascara ($18; apply to upper eylashes only).  Allow upper eyelashes to dry in between coating 10 seconds and before applying mascara to the bottom lashes.  Use Clinique's bottom lash ($11.50) to coat well, your bottom lashes.

7) Finish the look with a berry lipstick.  Take MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Plumful ($17) and apply on lips for a festive holiday look.  Gorgeous!

There you have it, our Silver Bell Eye Look!  Comment below to let us know if you try and how you like the tutorial!

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